Model LP-1112MR

4-30 MHz Transportable Log Periodic Antenna System

Frequency Range (MHz) 4-30
Power Handling Capability (in kW) PEP/Avg. 10/5
Polarization Horizontal
Cross Polarization (in dB, down) 20
Forward Gain over Avg. Soil Conditions (in dBi) 9 dB min. from 4-6 MHz
  12 dB min. from 6-30 MHz
Nominal VSWR (with respect to 50 ohms) 2.5:1
Input Impedance (in ohms) 50
Input Connector HG-231/ U
Azimuth Half Power Beam Width Avg. 70°
Vertical Angle of Max. Radiation 4 MHz/80°- 30 MHz/8°


1112-web-picModel LP-1112MR is a lightweight transportable and rotatable log periodic antenna system covering the frequency range of 4 through 30 MHz. It is designed for temporary or permanent installation with minimum deployment time. This unique antenna incorporates an extremely small size considering the frequency coverage of 4 through 30 MHz. The antenna dimensions are only 87 by 62 feet with a tower height of 60 feet. The net weight of the system uncrated is 2,000 pounds. Rotation is accomplished through the use of a mechanical stop and halyard device, eliminating the necessity for electric power of any kind during system erection and operation. Installation and erection can be performed by a crew of six men in less than four hours. All installation tools and fixtures are included in the antenna kit.

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