T-3002-RLPA Tower System

Dual Guyed Tower & Self Support Tower

Overall Height 100 ft. (30.38m) (80 ft. option available)
Voltage Required 115V or 230V 50/60 Hz. Single phase
Installation Area Required Dual Tower – 0.31 acres (1254 sq. M) Self Support Tower – Less than 100 sq. ft.
Transportability Can be shipped by any mode of transportation in factory crating.
Feedline 50 ohm pressurized feedline
Input Connector 1-5/8″ EIA coaxial flange
Wind and Ice Loading Dual Tower – Wind and NO Ice: 130mph (209 Km/h)

Wind and 1/2 Radial Ice: 105 mph (168.9 Km/h)

Self Support Tower – 100 mph
Azimuth Rotation Speed 1-1/4 rpm MAX User Definable


T-3002-Data-Sheet-1The Model T-3002 tower and rotator system is the ultimate support for large HF log periodic antennas. The T-3002 is specifically designed to support the USAP antennas Models, LP-1001, LP-1002 or the 3 to 30 MHz, LP-1005.
The DUAL TOWER guyed system consists of two 80 foot steel knockdown support towers, a base rotator supported on pivotal yokes between the towers. This system can be tilted down for ground level maintenance of the antenna. A SELF SUPPORT tower is available. This option eliminates the guy wires, but precludes the option of lowering the antenna without a crane. Both systems have a 100 (or 80) foot rotating mast with a 1-5/8 inch pressurized feedline installed inside, a 25 kW rotary joint and all accessories and hardware needed for installation. The rotator used is the heavy duty Model R-3503, equipped with the DRC-3, two-wire control unit. The rotating mast and ground level rotator design places the vertical load of the antenna at the base of the tower rather than at the top. This provides increased system stability and greater wind load survivability. Rotator maintenance can be performed without climbing the tower.

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