Models LP-1019 and LP-1019SS

100-1100 MHz Log Periodic Antennas

1019BA 1019SS
Frequency Range 100-1100 MHz 100-1100 MHz
Polarization Horizontal or vertical as oriented Horizontal or vertical as oriented
Input Connector Type “N” female Type “N” female
Input Impedance 50 50
Nominal VSWR 2.0:1 2.0:1
Coaxial Cable RG-213/U for runs of 50 ft. or less RG-214
Gain 8.0 dB 8.0 dB


1019-and-1019-ss-web-picThe LP-1019BA antenna has been designed for maximum efficiency and high directive gain as needed for point-to-point, ground-to-air, surveillance, and ground-to-space communications, etc. The antenna can transmit or receive in either oriented mode of vertical or horizontal polarization.

The bandwidth of 100-1100 MHz together with its high gain of 8.0 dB and high front-to-back ration of 15 dB, yield an antenna of infinite possibilities and applications. The construction of the LP-1019BA results in a high wind survival rating. Maximum resistance to corrosion is achieved through the use of light-weight extruded aluminum, stainless steel hardware and fiberglass.

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