Models LP-1005, LP-1001, LP-1002

High Power HF Log Periodic Antennas

LP-1005 LP-1001 LP-1002
Frequency Range, MHz 3.0-30.0 4.0-30.0 6.0-40.0
Power Handling Capabilities
     PEP (in kW) 50 50 50
     Average (in kW) 25 25 25
Polarization Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Cross Polarization

(in dB, down)

20 20 20
Forward Gain over Avg. Soil Conditions at 100′

(30.5 m) height (in dB)

10-13.5 10-13.5 10-13.5
Front-to-Back Ratio

 (in dB, nominal)

14 14 14
Nominal VSWR

(with respect to 50 ohms)

3:1 (3-4 MHz)

2:1 (4-30 MHz)

2:1 2:1
Input Impedance (in ohms) 50 5 50
Input Connector 1 5/8″ EIA 1 5/8″ EIA 1 5/8″ EIA


1001_1002_1005_web_picLP-1005– This model is the only log periodic of its kind with unprecedented transmit capability over the full 3-30 MHz bandwidth and a 2-30 MHz receive capability. Previously this could only be achieved with large rhombic or wire log antennas requiring several acres for installation. The LP-1005 offers the same rugged quality and efficiency that has made other log periodic antennas so popular.

LP-1001– This model is an established leader in the field, providing a transmit bandwidth of 4 through 30 MHz. The unique design characteristics of this antenna provide reliable high power capabilities for communications over short, medium, and long distance point to point circuits.

LP-1002– This model has been designed for high power HF/VHF coverage for commercial, industrial, and military applications. It exhibits high gain and reliability for medium to long range communications.

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