Models 1910AA and 1910BA

2-30 MHz Broadband Lightweight Tactical Dipole Antennas


1910AA 1910BA
Frequency Range 2.0 – 30.0 2.0 – 30.0
Polarization Horizontal Horizontal
Input Connector N N
Input Impedance 50 50
Nominal VSWR 2.5:1 2.5:1
Coaxial Cable RG-58c/u (100 ft/30.5 m) N/A


1910-data-sheet-web-picThe Model 1910 lightweight, tactical dipole antenna system is available in two separate models. The Model 1910AA has an RF Power Handling Capacity of 200 Watts average/400 Watts PEP, while the 1910BA handles 1 kW average/2 kW PEP.

These broadband terminated center-fed dipole antennas require no tuning across the entire bandwidth, eliminating the need for antenna adjustment or an antenna tuner. The 1910 antenna achieves a VSWR of 2:1 or less with a typical efficiency of 30% from 4-30 MHz and 15% from 2-4 MHz. A near vertical radiation pattern at frequencies below 10 MHz is ideal for reliable communications at 500 miles (800 Km). Lower radiation angles above 10MHz allow for reliable communications over much greater distances.

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