Model R3503

Heavy Duty Rotating System

The 3503 is a heavy duty rotating system designed to rotate and hold large communication antenna arrays. It can be mounted in various positions on most towers. The entire mechanism is protected from weather by a ruggedly constructed housing.

The rotator is normally supplied by USAP with a DRC 3 (Digital Rotator Control) unit and control software. Local control at the antenna is accomplished at the DRC. Control at the immediate area “radio shack” is accomplished by a personal computer (optional item).


Rotating Torque 23,700 in. pounds
Braking Torque 60,000 in. pounds
Maximum Vertical Load 20,000 pounds
Rotation Speed 1.25 RPM Max (User Definable)
Position Accuracy +/- 2 degrees
Drive Train Gear and Chain
Motor ½ HP 50/60 Hz
Power Requirements 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Forward/Reverse Delay 3 Second Default- User Selectable
Shipping Weight 1260 pounds (571.5 Kg)
Shipping Volume 47 cu. ft. (1.33 cu.m.)
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