Model LP-1017

Commercial HF Log Periodic Antenna

Frequency Range (MHz) 6.2-30.0
Power Handling Capability (in kW) PEP/Avg. 4.0/2.0
Polarization Horizontal
Cross Polarization (in dB, down) 20
Forward Gain over Avg. Soil Conditions (in dBi) 8 dB at 6.2 MHz
  12 dB at 30.0 MHz
Front-to-Back Ratio (in dB nominal) 10
Nominal VSWR (with respect to 50 ohms) 2.5:1
Input Impedance (in ohms) 50
Input Connector Type N
Half Power Beam Widths (Free space) E Plane (avg.) 70″
Vertical Angle of Max. Radiation
     Low Frequency 3.5°
     High Frequency


1017-web-picThe LP-1017 is a commercial lightweight HF log periodic antennas designed for medium to long range communications. The LP-1017 operates between 6.2-30 MHz and is unique in that it is reduced in physical size over comparable antennas. The LP-1017 can handle 2 kW average and 4 kW PEP.

The antenna is constructed of the finest tubular aluminum available. All elements are tapered aluminum tubing for minimum weight and wind drag. This antenna is ideally suited for use in commercial applications, i.e. maritime ship to shore, ground to air, offshore oil platforms to shore. Other uses are embassy communications and use for emergency control centers, i.e. Civil disasters, such as flood, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, and for MARS (Military Affiliated Radio Station).

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