Model 1910

2-30 MHz HF Broad- Band Tactical Antenna

1910AA 1910BA
Frequency Range 2-30 MHz 2-30 MHz
Power Handling Capabilities 200W Avg./400W PEP 1KW/Avg 2KW/PEP
Polarization Horizontal Horizontal
Impedance 50 ohms 50 ohms
VSWR, Nominal 2.5:1 2.5:1
RF Connector Type N Type N
Coaxial Cable 100 ft/RG-58C/U Not Furnished


The Model 1910 is a lightweight and rugged tactical dipole antenna that provides continuous coverage for both transmitting and receiving in the HF Frequency range of 2-30 MHz. This antenna will provide reliable short and medium range skyware communications in virtually all types of terrain.

The broad-band Model 1910 antenna requires no tuning across the entire bandwidth and eliminates the need for an antenna tuner or antenna adjustment.

The 1910 dipole antenna is a manpack tactical antenna system complete with 30 ft. aluminum mast, guy assemblies, mast base assembly anchors, hammer, instruction sheet, and canvas carrying case. The system can be erected by two people in less than 15 minutes.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight, yet rugged enough for repeated field deployment.
  • Easy and quick to erect by two people in less than 15 minutes.
  • Broad-Band- No tuner required
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