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Model Product Name
LP-1001 | LP-1002 | LP-1005 LP-1001 | LP-1002 | LP-1005 (PDF - 540KB) Rotatable HF Log Periodic Antenna (3-40 MHz)
LP-1017 LP-1017 (PDF - 598KB) Rotatable HF Log Periodic Antenna (6.2-30 MHz)
LP-1018BA LP-1018BA (PDF - 92KB) Log Periodic Antenna (30-1100 MHz)
LP-1018VMK LP-1018BA (PDF - 40KB) Log Periodic Antenna Vertical Mounting Kit
LP-1019BA | LP-1019 SS LP-1019BA | LP-1019 SS (PDF - 138KB) Log Periodic Antenna (100-1100 MHz)
LP-1112MR LP-1112MR (PDF - 822KB) Transportable Log Periodic Antenna (4-30 MHz)
LP-1402 | LP-1403 LP-1402 | LP-1403 (PDF - 548KB) Lightweight Transportable Antenna (30-76 MHz or 30-88 MHz)
3R4E26 | 4E26 | 4R8E13 | 8E13 3R4E26 | 4E26
 | 4R8E13 | 8E13 (PDF - 3,230KB) Aperiodic Loop Antennas (2-32 MHz)
1910AA | 1910BA 1910AA | 1910BA (PDF - 553KB) Lightweight Tactical Dipole Antenna (2-30 MHz)
1942-RT | 1942-TA 1942-RT | 1942-TA (PDF - 107KB) NVIS Antenna (Roof Top | Tactical Antenna) (2-30 MHz)
R-3500 R-3500 (PDF - 178KB) Heavy Duty Rotator with DRC-4 Control Unit
R-3501 R-3501 (PDF - 744KB) Universal Rotator System with DRC-3 Control Unit
R-3503 R-3503 (PDF - 160KB) Heavy Duty Rotator System with DRC-3 Control Unit
DRC 3 DRC (PDF - 1752KB) Digital Rotator Controller
T-3002 T-3002 (PDF - 185KB) RLPA Tower System
T-3002 Accessories T-3002 Accessories (PDF - 79KB) Tower System Accessories
V4213 V4213 (PDF - 100KB) Portable Discone Antenna System (30-88 MHz)
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